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Crime Scene, Hoarding, & Suicide Cleanup Services in California

California Homicide Cleanup

Homicide Cleanup California

1. Violent Crime Cleanup

2. Murder and Homicide Cleanup

We are Southern California’s homicide cleanup company – call us toll free at 877-800-8110 for immediate response.

Cendecon offers professional and discreet homicide cleanup, blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, murder cleanup and decontamination services throughout California. All of our crews are highly trained, experienced and certified in crime and trauma decontamination, blood borne and air borne pathogens. We are an OSHA compliant company and we live up to the high standards our clients demand.

Murder Cleanup

What is a homicide? It is the killing of one human being by another. It can be murder, self defense, an accident etc. The end result is a dead body – and most dead bodies leave behind bloodshed, body fluids and more.

When a death occurs, be it a suicide, homicide or other, the coroner comes in and removes the body that’s the extent of it. It’s up to the home owner, property manager or family to handle the cleanup.

Homicide cleanup is very involved and requires a highly trained and experienced professional. When a death occurs you can expect blood, body fluids, odor and much more. It’s a very unpleasant experience as it is – the cleanup will only add to the stress – and unless done properly will end up costing much more in the long run.

Do not attempt a homicide cleanup on your own. Doing so, could gravely endanger your life and the lives of others.

Cleanup of body fluids and major blood cleanup requires extensive training, experience and knowledge of the dangers that go along with such. In addition to all the special handling of such scenes lawful disposal of the bio-hazardous waste is a must.

In most cases we are able to work with your insurance company for payment, so don’t endanger lives just to save some money.

To utilize our homicide cleanup services call us toll free at 877-800-8110 anytime day or night.


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