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California City Crime Scene CleanupCendecon provides California City Crime Scene Cleanup services 24-hours a day and is the most trusted company in Kern County. If you need any of our Crime Scene Cleanup services call us at (877) 800- 8110. We’re here to #help.

When the Kern County Coroner leaves, call Cendecon. We service all of Kern County including California City Crime Scene Cleanup. Cendecon specializes in:

Suicide Cleanup
Homicide Cleanup
Decomposition Cleanup
Violent Crime Cleanup
Hoarding Cleanup

And much more

California City Crime Scene Cleanup:

Cendecon will handle any crime or trauma scene that may arise. Our technicians specialize in blood cleanup and body fluids cleanup. We are certified, trained and experienced in ANY situation relating to the Crime and Trauma Scene industry. We are not a mold or water damage company offering blood cleanup on the side. This is our specialty.

We have been called out to hundreds of scenes where someone tried to clean it on their own, or hired a typical cleaning person or carpet cleaner and found that the odor wouldn’t go away, or that the job was done on a surface level but there were still flies and maggots.There are valid health hazards and potential dangers when dealing with blood shed. Even with was we refer to as “friendly blood sources” (family, friends, relatives etc.). Don’t try to attempt a cleanup just to save money. We’ve been to jobs where the client tried to clean it on their own getting rid of all the evidence the insurance company needed to honor the claim, leading to an improper cleanup and unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

Cendecon is licensed, bonded, and insured and our crews have up-to-date and extensive training making them specialists and experts in our trade. No matter the scene, you will be able to return knowing that it is decontaminated, clean and safe to return to.

Suicide Cleanup in California City:

California City Suicide CleanupBeing a family owned company that has experienced these tragedies ourselves, we can fully understand that a suicide or a homicide can be one of the most traumatic events for family and loved ones. In the event of a such a tragedy, we understand that the last thing you want to think about is the cleanup and other details.

We are here for all homicide cleanup and suicide cleanup in California City. We will be here to make this experience easier for you by swiftly and thoroughly removing the aftermath. Our goal is to do a quick yet intricate decontamination and leave without looking like we were there at all. The sooner the cleanup is taken care of, the sooner you can begin your healing process.

For more information we have technicians available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including holidays, at (877) 800-8110. Allow our family to take care of yours – we’re here to #help.

California City Decomposition Cleanup:

Decomposition cleanup and odor removal can be one of the more complicated and involved cleanups in our industry. In the unfortunate incident that a family member or tenant passes away and go undiscovered for any amount of time, you are left with a decomposition or decomp for short.

In these cases you will find there is more to decomposition cleanup than just the body left behind.Cal City Hoarding Cleanup Depending on the amount of time the body was left unattended, you may have a large clean up on your hands. You may think that just a carpet cleaning can handle this but that is not be the case. Usually decomposition odor is what triggers the welfar check. Odor and body fluids tend to affect not only the place where the person passed away, but the flooring, clothing, walls, furniture and even in some cases even the insulation in the walls, you definitely want to make sure it is handled completely and not just on a surface level.

At Cendecon, we have the proper training, experience, equipment and chemicals to handle decomp cleanups. Our specialists are trained to handle these scenes with extreme care, due to any dangers there may be and to ensure that you are able to come back to a completely decontaminated and safe home.

California City Hoarding Cleanup:

The need for a Hoarding Cleanup might be known about, or might be stumbled upon after a family member passes away or has an accident that warrants hospice care. Hoarding situations can take an equivalent toll on a family member as the loss of a loved one. Moreover, hoarding cleanup can be just as hard for the collector to part with their belongings. We have come in contact with thousands of hoarding jobs, big and small, and have learned if nothing else that regardless of similarities each hoarding situation is unique and needs to be handled according to their unique circumstances – not in a cookie cutter fashion.

Hoarding is a collective behavior where one feels compelled to hold onto things, whether to fill an empty space emotionally or physically in the home. Everything from newspaper to animals, hoarding can become hazardous and just unhealthy for anyone inhabiting the home.

Our hoarding cleanup technicians are trained to set aside anything that would be of value or potential value to the client. Thins such as, but not limited to, family heirlooms, jewelry, change, money, photos, important documents, etc. They know that this can be a hard and emotional process if the owner is home and we do everything in our power to handle these situations compassionately and with the utmost respect.

One thing we try to encourage everyone to do, is get things in writing, understand the paperwork, understand what is included in the price and what will be added on. Unfortunately we have seen people completely taken advantage. When looking around, you may want to just go with the cheapest price, which would make sense in most cases. But we have seen companies give a price to secure the job which results in the family paying thousands more because they did not ask the right questions. With most companies they do charge per day, and if they give you a two day minimum and end up taking five, you will be paying for those extra three days. As a family owned company, we understand and we try to treat our clients how we would want our own to be treated.

Cendecon is here to #help with any type of Hoarding Cleanup in California City. Call us at (877) 800-8110 and let our family take care of yours!

California City often referred to as Cal City. We provide Crime Scene Cleanup in Cal City, Suicide Cleanup in Cal City, Homicide Cleanup in Cal City, Hoarding Cleanup in Cal City. Call us at (877) 800-8110.

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