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Frazier Park Crime Scene Cleanup available 24-hours a day at (877) 800-8110.

Frazier Park Crime Scene Cleanup

For more than 10 years all of our crime scene cleanup operations ran out of this little town. We have made relationships with the Kern County Sheriff and CHP.

Although our headquarters have recently moved, this town is a reminder of how it all started and the start of our family. This is where we began the crime scene cleanup, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, odor removal/remediation, and hoarding cleanup.

These relationships we have made throughout our journey have now expanded throughout multiple cities and dozens and dozens of businesses. We take pride in being a caring, compassionate and professional crime scene cleanup company. We are here to #help. Call us at

Frazier Park Crime Scene Cleanup:

24-hour Crime scene cleaning in Frazier Park. Crime Scene Cleanup can entail many different things. It includes Frazier Park Suicide Cleanupanything from blood to body fluids. When entering a cleanup it is always best to leave it to the professionals who are trained in this type of work. Normal carpet cleaning or janitorial companies are not usually licensed or equipped to tackle crime and trauma cleanup.

At Cendecon our technicians are specially trained in crime scene and trauma cleanup. In order to handle anything bio-hazardous or to do blood cleanup, you must be licensed in the state of California. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured in California.

In any type of crime and trauma cleanup it is very important to keep clear until the aftermath is taken care of by a specialist. It may seem simple enough to clean up with bleach or other household cleaners but when coming in contact with a scene you should always be aware of the potential dangers including blood-borne pathogens, Hepatitis, and many more. We have the right equipment and chemicals that it takes to correctly decontaminate these crime scenes.

If you have any questions, you can reach a member of our team 24-hours a day and 7 days a week at (877) 800-8110. If tragedy strikes in your family, remember the name Cendecon.

Frazier Park Suicide Cleanup:

Frazier Park Hoarding CleanupSuicide cleanup scenes can be the most tragic for a family to uncover. And although many families don’t think it will happen to them, unfortunately it does happen. As a family owned company that has experienced tragedy, we understand how hard this process can be.

This can often be very hard for the family not only emotionally but stress wise now coming up with all of the arrangements and paperwork. At Cendecon we know the last thing you want is a whole bunch of paperwork and people running around you and your family.

Cendecon technicians have encountered hundreds of these sites and are very good at efficiently getting any blood and bodily fluids cleaned up. We are sure to stay clear of any reporters or family who are not at liberty to know any details. When taking care of any cleanup of a homicide or cleanup of a suicide or any accidental death, our main priority is to completely decontaminate the residence so that it is safe for you and your family to return.

Frazier Park Decomposition Cleanup:

Decomposition cleanup and odor removal are the most intricate cleanups that we encounter. Decomposition can happen after a death occurs if the body is not discovered for a certain amount of time or even in situations where the environment reaches high temperatures. In this unfortunate event, the odor then becomes very strong and is very distinct. Cendecon is here to #help. You can call us 24-hours a day at (877) 800-8110.

With Decomposition cleanups it is always best to be very thorough. By this we mean that, when you have a family member or tenant face this tragedy you want to be sure that cleanup is done by a licensed, insured and trained company. Unfortunately, there are many things that can be affected by the body fluids and the accompanying odor including all soft goods such as linens, beds, clothes, furniture, carpet and even in some cases the insulation in the walls. If not treated properly you may have to dispose of or replace any or all of these. When you have a company with the right equipment you are able to get these things completely decontaminated and dealt with rather than just masked.

Frazier Park Hoarding Cleanup:

Hoarding Cleanup. From animals to newspaper, it is an occurrence that is all too common. It is a mental condition where one feels compelled to keep and hold onto things. Although hoarding may not be a well known condition and it’s usually not accepted by others but you don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed. You are not alone, hoarding is a disease that many suffer from. Some people don’t even realize it is a problem until it’s too late – usually by that time the hoarder is far too embarrassed or ashamed to openly ask for help.

That is what we are here for… #Help! We have taken care of thousands of hoarding cleanups and we understand how hard this can also be on a family. When handling a hoarding cleanup our Cendecon technicians are very caring and professional.

Our guys are experts at organizing and sorting and are very mindful of important documents, jewelry, family heirlooms, and any other personal items we are asked to watch for. Our primary focus is to make your residence an organized and healthy environment.

For any questions or for a free estimate, feel free to call us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at (877) 800-8110. Let our family come in and make life easier for yours!

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