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Are you in need of Crime Scene Cleaning?

Cendecon Crime Scene Cleaning is a full-service bio-hazard restoration and bioremediation company specializing in suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, blood cleanup, hoarding cleanup and more. We have technicians on-call 24 hours a day, every day. If you require immediate assistance, please call us toll-free at (877) 800-8110.

You don’t have to deal with the expense and hassles of a large corporation or nationwide crime scene cleaning franchise. We are a family owned and run crime scene cleanup business and we treat all of our clients like one of our own. Let our family take care of yours.

Available 24/7, Day or Night

Located in California, Cendecon offers full service crime and trauma scene clean up and decontaminating services for suicides, homicides, accidents, body fluids, blood, death, gross filth, hoarding, animal hoarding, extreme hoarding, animal waste, illness prevention and much more.

We are licensed, insured and bonded and provide our services throughout Southern and Central California. We are available 24 hours a day and have rapid response times.

We understand how emotional the traumatic death of a loved one is as well as the effects it can have on friends and family. Nobody should have to go through this alone and Cendecon is here for you. Our goal is to not only to provide a clean and safe environment for you, but also to remove any painful reminders of the incident.

What We Can Help You With

Please feel free to take a look around and see the full scope of services Cendecon Crime Scene Cleaning offers.

Death Cleanup

Cendecon specializes in cleaning up the aftermath of death and other traumatic situations.

Trauma Cleanup

Cendecon does not want your last memory to be all the gritty details of cleaning up the aftermath.

Hoarding Cleanup

Cendecon has been providing help for hoarders for years. We have thousands of man hours decluttering and organizing properties.

Odor Removal

Cendecon specializes in odor removal. We have a tried and true technique that handles even the toughest odors.

What sets us apart from other cleaning companies?

Why Choose Cendecon Crime Scene Cleaning?

Highly Trained and Qualified Crime Scene Cleaning Crew

Our technicians have undergone extensive training by some of the most respected pioneers in the industry and will handle this situation not only professionally and discreetly as possible, but also as quickly as possible so that the healing process can begin. Our fail-proof quality control process ensures that this objective is achieved each and every time.

We are not maids – we are highly trained and certified professionals. We deal with what nobody else can or wants to. Be it a death cleanup, suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, blood cleanup, human decomposition clean up or any other of our extensive list of services, you can trust Cendecon to do it right.


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About Cendecon

Cendecon (coined from CENtral DECONtamination) is classified as a “Crime Scene Cleaning Company,” although our services are more than just “cleaning” and we handle more than crime scenes and trauma scenes. Of course we specialize in decontaminating and restoring after suicides, homicides (murders), blood and decomposition, but our services also extend to any bio-hazardous or unpleasant situation such as body fluids, human or animal waste or urine, gross filth, etc.

Cendecon Crime Cleaning

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