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Kern County Suicide, Homicide, Decomposition, Blood, Tear Gas, Hoarding Cleanup

Kern County Crime Scene Cleanup | Kern County Suicide Cleanup | Kern County Homicide Clean up | Kern County Decomposition Cleanup | Kern County Hoarding Cleanup

24 Hours Emergency Kern County Crime Scene Cleanup. Call us at (877) 800-8110.

Kern County Crime Scene Cleanup

Cendecon is a licensed Trauma Scene Practitioner based in Kern County. We are available 24 hours per day at (877) 800-8110

Cendecon is a family owned business that was established in Kern County. We have been providing Kern County Crime Scene Cleanup services to property management companies, homeowners, Law Enforcement agencies, as well as City, County, and State agencies for almost a decade. 

We provide Kern County suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, hoarding cleanup, tear gas cleanup and odor remediation services to residential, commercial, auto and industrial environments which have been affected by the presence of biohazard waste and infectious waste such as blood or body fluids, urine feces and vomit. 

We have helped hundreds and hundreds families with various crime and trauma cleanup services. We are specialists in human decomposition cleaning. We also provide odor neutralization of all affected areas. 

Our services are not limited to crime and trauma scenes, but also include suicides, decomposition and/or natural and accidental deaths. We offer decontamination services for jail facilities, law enforcement vehicles, hospitals, aircraft and any type of property that is in need of such decontamination services. 

We are specialists when it comes to:
Homicide, Suicide, and Accidental Death Remediation, Cleaning, disinfecting, and removal of all contaminated items to restore the scene to a safe, non bio-hazardous state.Police Facility and Vehicle Cleaning and Decontamination:Basic dirt and grime to blood, body fluids, urine, feces, vomit etc.

Removal of Contaminated Items in Distressed Properties:
Complete removal of contaminated items such as furnishings, building materials, carpeting, and any other type of equipment from distressed properties, Pack Rat and/or Hoarding environments, Filthy houses etc.

Blood and Body Fluid Disposal:
We are in compliance with OSHA and Federal Health and Safety Codes. Also compliant with the Medical Waste Management Act.

Medical Waste and Sharps Waste Pickup & Disposal:
We are a registered Medical Waste Transporter.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at (877) 800-8110

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