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Gross Filth Cleanup

Gross Filth Cleanup

Gross Filth Cleanup

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Attempting a gross filth cleanup can be overwhelming and extremely upsetting. Especially if you are a landlord, property owner or an unsuspecting family member who happens upon it, for whatever the reason.

So what exactly is gross filth? How can you identify it? Gross filth can be many things, especially those things that lead to very dangerous and unhealthy living conditions.

Have you ever seen or heard of a property being condemned – deemed unlivable? That falls under this category.

Examples of gross filth would be:

  • Pets being allowed to urinate and defecate where ever they want and it never being cleaned up.
  • Excess common household trash building up and going unattended for long periods of time, if ever.
  • Food laden plates piled up in the sink, bathtub and on counters etc. never to be washed.
  • Not flushing the toilet
  • Some do their “bathroom” business in areas other than the bathroom.

We have even seen a property overloaded with blood soaked feminine products.

Gross filth situations are not always Gross Filth Cleanupintentional, as people age and reach their later years they may not have as much control over their body as they once did. So they may leak a little urine here and there etc. Over the course of time it will take it’s toll and result in a distressed property situation. Another example is that in later years it can become very difficult to move about, making it nearly impossible to get to the restroom. This is very unfortunate and can be extremely embarrassing. Cendecon will not discuss the details of any job and you will not have to feel shamed or embarrassed.

What can be done? Cendecon has highly trained and experienced technicians to deal with any gross filth cleanup situations. We urge you not to tackle this feat yourself or pass it on to maintenance personnel.

Not every case is so severe but gross filth situations can be extreme health hazards and if not handled properly can result in a multitude of illnesses, some of which may be incurable. Such diseases as HIV, hepatitis etc.

If you are in need of gross filth or hoarding cleanup, we’re here to #help, give us a call us toll free at (877) 800-8110.

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