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February 7, 2009

California Trauma Cleanup Company– call us toll free at 877-800-8110 for immediate response.


Cendecon is your trauma cleanup and decontamination company. We have specialists for every different situation – be it suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, trauma cleanup, unattended death cleanup, gross filth or other. Cendecon is a California based company offering services throughout California to residents and business owners or anyone in need.


Trauma cleanup is not to be confused with janitorial services – it’s very involved, labor intensive and requires specific equipment, protective gear, extensive training, and experience. There are many serious health hazards that crime and trauma scenes present, most don’t realize. Cendecon is a full fledged bio-hazard decontamination company with all the necessary licenses and certifications to handle your job – properly. In most cases we can bill your insurance directly, so there will be no out of pocket expenses to you.


Death, by whatever cause is a very tragic experience for friends, family, co-workers and loved ones. Cendecon does not want your last memory to be all the gritty details of cleaning up the aftermath. Leave that to us so you can tend to the other details.


Cendecon realizes that recovering from these situations can take a long while. We also understand that coming across a painful reminder weeks after the fact can be detrimental to that recovery progress. That is why we take extra measures on our quality control before we sign off on the job.


What is trauma cleanup? Well, any traumatic situation that results in bloodshed, secretions of body fluid etc.


Let us discuss bloodshed – fist fights could be a traumatic situation. Major wound such as a stabbing or gun shot. A bloody nose is another… yeah I know it sounds petty – but some people get pretty gnarly nose bleeds. Dismemberment is another traumatic situation, slip and falls etc. All these things may require a trauma cleanup specialist to come out and at least evaluate the scene.


Now what about body fluid secretions? – Rape, amniotic fluid (breaking of waters in pregnancy), semen, feces, vomit, urine etc.


Some people would never think to call a trauma cleanup company to handle such a simple thing as a nose bleed… but keep in mind the dangers associated with blood. What could happen if you cleaned up a simple bloody nose?


Worst case scenario – the bleeder has an infectious disease and has no idea that (s)he is infected. You attempt a cleanup without proper training and protective gear – now you get to live wondering if you contracted a life threatening disease? That is not happy living. I believe your life and the life of your loved ones would be worth more than the few dollars you saved doing the cleanup yourself.


So what infectious diseases live in blood? HIV, syphilis, various stains of herpes and hepatitis, etc. Check out what Wiki has to say about bloodborne pathogens.


Now – what about the airborne aspect – Meningitis, influenza, pneumonia, hantavirus, and tuberculosis – just to name a few…


If you are in need of Trauma Cleanup Services, we can help! Call us toll free at 877-800-8110.


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