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From my first call to Vanessa I knew this company was the right company for the job. I called a few others of the web but once I spoke to her I knew who I wanted in my home. I had a roommate who is a hoarder and was hospitalized under psychiatric care. Ethan and his crew did an incredible job on the room. They went far beyond what they had to do for me just to get the job done. I am very VERY pleased with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service. On top of their professionalism while working they were friendly and sensitive to the woman who was present to help with her property. I can’t speak more highly about Ethan, Vanessa, their crew and the job they did for me.

– Rick R, Huntington Beach, CA

“Vanessa expertly assessed the situation and mobilized all the equipment and help that was needed to rid my house of all the destroyed furniture, furnishings, feces and debris. She and her crew worked tirelessly for 5 days, cleaning every last inch of the house. I once again have a clean and pleasant home with no lingering odors. And Cendecon services came at what was an incredibly reasonable price for the work that Vanessa and her crew did.”

– Frannie, SFV

“Cendecon cleaned out a hoarder house for me. That should almost say it all but it doesn’t. Vanessa and Ethan were professional, timely (more than me) and provided full assurance about getting the job done. Not only that but when I met the liquidator/auctioneer to go back over the house, the liquidator made special note of the quality of the clean out in that they recognized valuable property (down to small things) and preserved it. That is exactly what I needed. This is not an easy job but they make it seem so.

I am in Ventura County and they came here and finished so quickly. I highly recommend for all those in need of these services.”

– Kim C., Santa Barbara, CA

“I am the field supervisor for a first-call company in Bakersfield, CA. I contacted Cendecon after I noticed odors building up inside of our vans.

We have 5 vans in our fleet that each transport deceased persons for several mortuaries and our county’s Coroners Office, so each van has transported several hundred bodies that have died from a very wide variety of causes, including decomposed bodies that sometime leave behind a very strong, unpleasant odor.

Vanessa inspected our vans for traces of left behind bio-hazardous materials and was very methodical about her work. All traces of bio residue were detected and carefully cleaned before she began her odor removing process.

All vans now smell brand new with absolutely no trace of any offensive odors, we have found that it is not just a temporary fix and the odors are completely gone.

I highly recommend Cendecon to anybody seeking permanent odor removal.

– N.T., Bakersfield, CA

After my dog ran away it took me almost a week to find her and unfortunately she was not alive. I found her just around the corner from my house, and could not just leave her there, not knowing what to do, I brought her home. The smell was very strong and unbearable. The odor would not go away. I called a company that was recommended to me, and was made feel stupid for calling over my dog.

I found Cendecon, and was reluctant to call because I didn’t want to feel laughed at again. It is very difficult to have a pet die because they become part of your family. To my surprise Vanessa was very understanding, sympathetic and resolved my problem.

Thank you Cendecon, thank you Vanessa.

– Debbie from Baldwin Park, CA.

“I am very pleased with the work Cendecon has done for me.

My mother had an issue with hoarding. Every room – bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room, living room, hallways – was filled to the ceiling with junk. It got to the point where you couldn’t even walk anywhere in the house without climbing over stuff. I forgot what color the carpet was!

We finally got my mother out of the house and we had Cendecon come in. They were very professional and helpful. They kept me informed of every step of the way and made me feel very comfortable and the house was cleaned out in a surprisingly short amount of time (3 days).

Thank you for all of your help. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who need your services.”

– B.E. Marks, Bakersfield, CA

When my brother died I was advised to go to Cendecon for a decontamination of his condo. Our family was in extreme despair and Cendecon was a helping hand of the greatest magnitude. We live six hours from the death site and asked Cendecon to come in on a Sunday to remove all of the contaminated materials so we could get back home and to work and they did so with no hesitation.

The technicians worked hard with little conversation and only took one small break. They know their job and delivered quickly.

I would recommend them without hesitation.

– Satisfied Customer from So. Ca.

My experience with Ethan, Vanessa and the rest of the crew at Cendecon was VERY GOOD. They took a very personal and difficult situation and treated it with a high level of respect and dedication. In short I would recommend Cendecon to anyone who would need their service.
Thank You!

– Dave H, Columbus, OH

Seems odd to say “woohoo” when dealing with a tragic event, but I have to give the highest praise to Ethan and Vanessa. After the unexpected death of my brother, who was a hoarder, I researched many companies. I chose Cendecon. Ethan drove out that day from Frasier Park to Costa Mesa to look at the situation, work out a “plan of attack”, and give me a free quote. He was so compassionate and understanding and got the job done in just two days! Knowing the unexpected expenses I had incurred he and Vanessa worked out a payment plan. They have been a lifesaver for me in a sea of overwhelming grief. They are a class act, and I am grateful to them for the respect and kindness they demonstrated not only to me, but to my dear brother who had a problem many people do not understand.

– Andrea E, Newport Beach, CA

Although Cendecon specializes in trauma cleanup situations, I nonetheless decided to give them a call when it didn’t work out with my scheduled mover (on the morning of my move – on a Saturday). Cendecon is located in my area so I called them to see if they could possibly help or refer me to someone. Ethan was able to squeeze me in and met me in less than 3 hours. He arrived with his hauler and was able to move the entire contents of a large apartment – easily, cheerfully and gracefully — in under 5 hours. It was so pleasant and carefree that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Cendecon web site states “…we treat our clients like we would want our family treated.” Well, I felt as though my son had said “sure mom, I’ll be right there.” And it was done. Thank you Ethan and Vanessa for your incredible willingness to help and make a seemingly tough situation turn out very alright. You are one in a million.

– Sue L, Los Angeles, CA

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