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Extreme Hoarding Cleanup

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Extreme Hoarding Cleanup Services in California

Cendecon is California’s most trusted resource for Extreme Hoarding Cleanup. We have provided thousands of man hours helping people with Extreme Hoarding Cleanup. Our estimates are free and we are available 24-hours a day. Call us at (877) 800-8110.

Animal Hoarding Cleanup

Although not fully understood, animal hoarding can sometimes be classified as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), where a person or persons collect an over-abundance of items or trash. Be it trash, food, newspapers, animals, etc. People who are not familiar with hoarding, animal hoarding and hoarders don’t always understand the disorder, but it is a mental illness, and the effects can be devastating to not only the hoarder, but relatives, friends and neighbors as well.

Hoarding can range from very minor to very severe. Extreme hoarding Extreme Hoarding Cleanup and Animal Hoarding Cleanupsituations are those where the hoarding has gotten to the point where hallways and bathrooms have been blocked off and are no longer accessible; beds, tables and other furniture have been buried under trash or other debris, etc. Usually odors from rotten food, human and animal waste and other unidentifiable odors have permeated the property. To the untrained eye, there is no hope for these situations. But to us, there is always hope. We’re here to #Help our estimates are free and you’ll reach a live person at (877) 800-8110.

Extreme hoarding is not something to be embarrassed about. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Extreme hoarding is a disease that is suffered by thousands of people all across the US. Most people inflicted with extreme hoarding impulses don’t even realize they have a problem, or if they do, they’re just too overwhelmed to do anything about it. In our experience, it is not often that a hoarder comes forward seeking help. It is usually a relative or close friend of the hoarder who has taken the situation into their own hands and has sought the help the extreme hoarder needs.

We realize that opening your house to an extreme hoarding cleanup company is a huge step. Even if the hoarder is not cured, it’s a very big step on the road to recovery. So, it is important that you are comfortable with our crews and our company so that we can work together to help you get things back in order. Our crews are very understanding and empathetic to all extreme hoarding situations. Unlike many other hoarding removal companies, Cendecon tailors each project’s scope of work to every situation. We are always willing to offer advice based on our experience, but we realize this is most often a tough process to go through and we want to make it as easy as possible on everyone involved.

Animal Hoarding

Whether you or someone you know is faced with an extreme hoarding situation, Cendecon is your solution. Cendecon offers extreme hoarding cleanup services throughout California. We have professional organizers who can help sort and de-clutter any hoarded property. For Extreme hoarding estimates, advice or information, call us toll free at (877) 800-8110.

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