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November 11, 2016

Crime Scene Cleanup Kids

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Here is another video where I introduce the rest of the kids (my helpers). I’ve got an 8 year old son (Ryder), 6 year old daughter (Oakley), 2 year old son (Gage), and Brighton my 6 month old daughter. We’ve all been feeling a little under the weather (which might be a blessing for the sake of pulling off a somewhat calm video for you). Gage apparently is newly discovering the inside of his nostril – so please excuse that.

Ethan has been working so much recently I’m starting to forget what his face looks like. I will do my best to grab a video of him soon, but I think it might be easier to pull teeth seeing as how we both really don’t like being on camera. I will also introduce you to our crew. Once we get the introductions out of the way we’ll be discussing other things, help tips and so on.

The thumbnail view for this blog post is a photo of Ethan with Ryder & Oakley. We went to Yosemite on vacation and decided to go geo caching. I was pregnant with Gage at the time. I was taking the photo – hence why I’m not in it 🙂 I figured I’d explain since the photo really has nothing to do with the video or the blog post.

Remember, if there is anything you would like us to do a video about be sure to let us know. Until next time!

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