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Death Cleanup

February 7, 2009

After Death Cleanup Company

Cendecon is a California based death cleanup company providing professional and discreet clean up services to Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Ventura County and Fresno as well as most cities throughout California.

Cendecon won’t use your job to do our advertising. We won’t show up in a truck plastered with bio-hazard logos, statements like death cleanup company. We have done cleanup jobs for high profile companies and even celebrities – but we treat all clients with equal respect and professionalism.

Sure, we will take any publicity and recognition that you want to give us but that’s not why we are there. We are professional and respect your privacy. We won’t make comments about the job to the media or press – the details you want disclosed are entirely up to you.

Cendecon’s staff are discreet, professional and caring. We have families and/or businesses of our own. We treat you with the same respect we would treat our own in these situations.

Cendecon is a full service Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination company. All of our cleanups are unique and tailored to our clients needs and wants. Some clients only want the bio-hazardous items handled and removed, other clients want us to remove everything. Our goal is to handle the job to your standards so you can go about the other things in your life.

Click the link for a list of our services – Cendecon gets calls for all types of jobs, even things that are not on this list. We update this list often. If you are not sure if we handle it – the answer is we probably do.

We can helpanytime you need us – all you have to do is call 877-800-8110.

Payments & Billing: PO Box 995, Frazier Park, CA 93225

We are an after death cleanup company servicing Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Lancaster, Hollywood, Palmdale, Valencia, Ventura, Fresno and all cities in Southern California and Central California.

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