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Vehicle Blood Cleanup

June 14, 2017

Vehicle blood cleanup services available 24-hours a day throughout Southern California. Call us at (877) 800-8110

Vehicle Blood and Body Fluids Cleanup

Professional vehicle cleanup services are needed for a variety of situations including vehicles such as cars, trucks, semi, trains, planes boats and more. Blood cleanup services are often needed after wrecks, crashes, accidents, suicides, homicides, break-ins and any other situation that can leave bloodshed or body fluids on or in a vehicle.

Blood, body fluids and other bio hazardous situations in a vehicle need to be cleaned up by a trained and experienced specialist to ensure it is safe to enter after the unfortunate event.. Our professional vehicle blood cleanup services in Southern California are offered in effort to help decontaminate first responder, personal, law enforcement, public transit, commercial, airline, and any other type of vehicle in need.

Vehicle Blood Decontamination

With all of the small crevasses, buttons, panels, and many other obstacles in such a confined space, cleaning a vehicle can be a tricky process. even an inch of contamination can lead to severe odor and adverse health effects. Our services go deeper and more intricate than any detail shop because we are trained, certified and experienced in completely sanitizing and disinfecting any and all surfaces. Our process is strict and specifically designed to eliminate the threats of any biohazards. We kill all possible bacteria, viruses and chances of infection that occur due to blood or bodily fluid spills, it’s not just a surface cleaning. .

Vehicle Blood Cleanup after an Accident

No one plans an accident or car crash or any other such traumatic event. Yet with the average of spending over an hour in their car a day, unfortunately it’s bound to happen. We are all just weathering the traffic trying to get to work and back. When an event happens that leaves you in need of blood cleanup, contact our trained cleanup specialists at Cendecon. We are licenced and insured through the state and are more than qualified to handle any blood or body fluid cleanup.

Insurance Accepted Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Most automobile insurance policies will cover our blood and body fluids cleanup service. It is always best to get behind the wheel with confidence after our certified biohazard cleaners have completed decontaminating your vehicle. We have a very intricate decontamination plan in place that ensures nothing is left behind.

Blood spill and trauma on its own can be hard to handle. Cleaning up blood is much more involved than the task of cleaning up a mess left by a two year old with french fries in the family car. Blood borne pathogens have a long list of dangers, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C. The most concerning fact is that many people that have some of these diseases are unaware of it. Exposing yourself to a friend or even family members blood in the event you think they don’t have anything wrong, could have life-changing health affects for you. Don’t take a chance on that kind of risk just to save a few dollars. We can work with insurance when that’s an option. When it’s not, we do offer payment arrangements.

For 24 hour help with decontaminating your car or vehicle after an accident, death or trauma resulting in any kind of blood spill contact our professional crime scene, trauma, and blood cleanup company. We are trained and here to #help. Call us at (877)800-8110.

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